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Many of our hobbies, work and lifestyle activities expose our ears to large levels of sounds which have the potential to cause irreparable damage; depending on the intensity and duration of exposure.

As hearing deterioration cannot be noticed straight away, it is very likely you could be setting yourself up for hearing problems in the future.

At Clarity Ear Clinic we provide a range of custom moulded made to measure hearing protection to ensure your ears are well taken care off.

Hearing Protection

Musicians Service

Due to the constant overexposure of sounds; especially at concerts, gigs and music events, musicians are at a high risk of irreversible damage which can lead to permanent hearing loss as well as tinnitus (ringing/buzzing sounds in the ears).

Fact: Sound levels that exceed 75+ decibels are harmful. On average, gigs and clubs reach around 120-140 decibels.

Clarity Ear Clinic provide tailor-made hearing services for musicians, sound engineers and DJ’s as well as concert/festival goers. We understand the importance of being able to play music hence we want you to be able to enjoy clear sound quality when doing so whilst also protecting your ears.

We offer musicians: hearing examinations, in ear monitors (IEM), musicians ear plugs, earbud sleeves and specialised headphones; providing a customised, safe and enhanced way of listening.

We work with the biggest brands to help deliver a bespoke service for all musicians.

Musicians’ earplugs are specially moulded and tuned to protect hearing whilst still allowing you to perform, listen and enjoy as you deserve.

IEM’s are custom moulded earphones used by artists to listen to their music in real time.

IEM’s reduce the risk of hearing damage as the volume does not have to be cranked up as high to compensate for loud environments. (picture)

Clarity Ear Clinic advises all musicians and DJ’s as well as regular festival and concert attendees to have custom earplugs created for their needs.

Custom Shooting Plugs

Gunshots have a sound level in excess of 125 decibels which can lead to acoustic trauma instantly. This makes it one of the most damaging sounds to your hearing.

It is essential that you wear hearing protection every time you shoot

The Two Types of Custom Shooting Protection: Passive and Active Hearing Protection.

Passive: reduces all sounds entering the canal without any suppression tuning making them a cost-effective solution.

Active: they work by reacting to sound in real time, suppressing sounds that are damaging to make them safe. These can be worn for longer periods and do not affect the clarity of conversation.


Motor Vehicle Earplugs

Fast motorbike on the coastal road riding
All motorcyclists wear protective equipment to protect their head, body, hands etc. however, many tend to forget to protect their ears and their hearing.

Why you should wear hearing protection whilst engaging in motor sports?:

  • Motor vehicles can reach sound levels matching jet engines
  • The effect of the wind can be damaging to the ears as well as your concentration

Ear protection for motor vehicles drivers/riders from Clarity Ear Clinic sit comfortably aiming to reduce sound levels, to ensure you are safe in terms of driving as well as hearing.

We can also provide specialist ear plugs that allow for communications through radios comfortably.

Custom Swimming Earplugs

Custom Swimming Earplugs
Swimmers of all ages can experience sensitivity to constant water in their ears.

It is advised to wear earplugs if you frequently partake in water activities.

However, for most people they only consider swimming moulds once they experience a problem such as an ear infection, irritation, or perforation.

Why should you wear earplugs whilst swimming?

It is advised as constant water can cause irritation. Sometimes water can get trapped which can lead to otitis externa also known as ‘swimmers ear’. Otitis externa is an infection which occurs in the outer ear, causing soreness, inflammation, swelling and sometimes also producing discharge.

Custom Sleeping Earplugs

On average you spend 1/3 of your day sleeping, let us help you ensure you are getting the best quality to help boost your performance, productivity and happiness level for the rest of the day.

Sleeping is your body’s way of recharging to help boost our energy levels to go about our lives. It is key that when you get to rest your eyes you are getting a full night’s sleep without interruption.

Sleep Comfortably …

At Clarity Ear Clinic, we offer ultra-soft custom fit earplugs which expand to allow movement ensuring maximum comfort to ensure you are getting a well deserved rest every night.

trying to sleep