Ear Wax Removal

Why us?

Audiologist-led ear wax removal clinic ran by experienced clinicians delivering all methods of ear wax removal.

We offer Professional, Medical Ear Wax Removal.

Competitive pricing. The cost for ear wax removal includes a consultation, the treatment, and our aftercare. Aftercare includes follow up appointments, hearing screeners and ear checks.

Our Consultations include a detailed case history to ensure it is safe to proceed. We carry out a full examination of the ear and its system using a video otoscope, this also enables us to show you your ear canals.

Same Day / Weekend / Emergency / Out of Hours Appointments are available.

We understand the lifestyles and commitments of our patients, thus we can also offer appointments outside of work hours.

Home visit options also available.

Services Also Include: Infection Removal, Children aged 3+.

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What is Ear Wax?

The medical term for earwax is cerumen, it is a mixture of dead skin, debris and oils produced by the ear canals to protect the Ear. Naturally, wax is cleared by the body, but when wax gets lodged it causes a build-up of excessive wax.

If left untreated, excessive earwax may cause ears to become blocked.

Symptoms of blocked ears?

  • Pain/Earache
  • A feeling of fullness in the ear
  • Difficulty hearing, which may continue to worsen
  • Ringing/Buzzing sounds in the ear (tinnitus)
  • Vertigo (feeling dizzy or sick)
  • Itchiness in the ear


Microsuction is considered to be the ‘gold standard’ in ear wax removal. The procedure effectively allows wax to be pulled out using a gentle and safe suction. It is the safest method of removal as it is performed under direct observation using magnifying loupes, or a camera operated system, which allows the audiologist to always have the wax and ear in their view.

At clarity ear clinic, we operate using premium grade equipment; this combined with our extensive knowledge and best practices, ensures we are always adhering to the highest standards for our patients.


Who can benefit from Microsuction?

  • Anyone needing immediate relief from wax build up and its symptoms
  • Anyone that has mastoid cavities where the common irrigation/syringing procedure should be avoided​​
  • Anyone with perforations where the common irrigation/syringing procedure should be avoided​
  • Anyone that has a history of reoccurring infections
  • Travellers requiring immediate wax removal for flying​
  • Those needing wax removal for completion of Hearing Tests/Impressions for hearing aid moulds​
  • Hearing aid wearers requiring immediate wax removal for effective Hearing Aid fittings


One ear wax removal
Both Ears
Home Visits*

*Subject to location

One off cost which includes a full consultation, treatment, and our aftercare. You will never be charged for any follow up appointments.If deemed necessary we will also carry out a hearing test. (usually costing £25).

We accept all payment methods: Card Payments, Cash Payments, Bank Transfer.

If no earwax is found on examination, a charge of £35 is applied (which covers the cost of the appointment slot).

We will carry out a hearing screener to identify any hearing related issues.
If you fail to attend and appointment without providing an adequate 24 hour notice, a no show fee of £25 will be charged.

Book directly; you can book online for an ear wax removal appointment.

Or call our clinic directly on 0161 393 8803

Please note – We see all ages from 3 years and above. Under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult throughout the appointment.

What to expect in your appointment:

A detailed patient history will be conducted, followed by an examination of the ear using a video otoscope to show you the condition of the wax.

If it is safe to proceed, the wax removal procedure will be carried out.

Once completed, the audiologist will be able to show you an image of the eardrum and ear canal; clear from any wax or debris. The practitioner will also advise you on maintenance to help reduce future blockage.

A typical appointment usually is allocated a 30-minute slot.

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Other methods of Ear Wax Removal

Manual Removal
The Jobson Horne is an ear curette which features a small loop at one end to safely remove excessive or impacted earwax from the ear canal. This method is used at the point where the wax has become visible from the naked eye towards the entrance of the ear canal.

Forceps are similar to the Jobson Horne, they are used to pick up fragments of wax that have been brought forward to the entrance of the ear canal.

Water Irrigation
This method has been a longstanding wax removal process. It uses pressurised water to expel the wax out of the ear. Depending on location, type and consistency of the ear wax, this method may be used by your ear care practitioner.
water irrigation

Earol® Olive Oil Spray.

We advocate for olive oil usage to treat and manage ear wax build up. Earol has a unique delivery method in which it aims to dispense olive oil to the ear canal which then acts like grease.

You can purchase olive oil from over our website or contact us directly.

Price: £6.59

Product Details
Earol® is clinically proven to help soften and naturally remove ear wax. It is also one of the only products recommended by healthcare communities to use preventively to aid ear hygiene and maintain healthy ears.
Earol® is clinically proven to soothe itchy and irritated ears
Earol® Spray has a simple yet unique delivery system, capable of dispensing a discrete unit dose of olive oil into all sections of the ear canal for effective performance. It decreases the possibility of over application therefore reducing the possibility of spillages and waste.

Clarity Ear Clinic recommends the use of Earol® twice daily for at least 4 consecutive days prior to Microsuction. Earol® is also recommended to those patients that have persistent ear wax or cerumen to use once a fortnight for maintenance of healthy ears.

Please refer to the Earol® information leaflet for further guidance.

Olive Oil or Sodium Bicarbonate/Hydrogen Peroxide?
Branded ear wax removal products (such as sodium bicarbonate/hydrogen peroxide) available from Pharmacies and the high street are not necessarily an effective solution. These products work by breaking down and essentially melting the wax, therefore potentially causing the wax to travel closer to the ear drum. This can obstruct your hearing even more and make the wax more difficult to remove. As audiologists we always only recommend using Earol olive oil spray.
olive oil


What our clients have to say

I had a wonderful experience with Clarity Ear Clinic, and I would highly recommend their service. Everything was made so easy, from the booking process to the actual procedure. Everyone I spoke to was so welcoming and polite to speak to. The lady who removed my wax was very thorough and professional, she always made sure I was okay and kept me informed throughout. It was a very pleasant experience, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.
J. Hughes

Clarity Ear Clinic paid a home visit to my mother in order to remove some ear wax. A very friendly and accommodating service with excellent bedside manners. Happy to recommend their home visit ear wax removal service.
M. Critchlow

Amazing service! Beforehand I was nervous about the Microsuction procedure having never done something like this before, however, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. The audiologist who treated me explained the process in depth and reassured me throughout. My ear went from totally blocked to being completely clear in under 20 minutes. With the equipment, I was shown a before and after of my ear wax which was a nice feature. I would highly recommend this service to everyone!
P. Kaur