Audiologists are professional hearing care experts who practice in the health care sector. In the UK audiologists are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). HCPC ensure that all registrants maintain high standards for practice, training, professional skills, and education. Hearing care practitioners working in the private sector are registered as Hearing Aid Dispensers (HAD) with the HCPC.

All Audiologists can register as hearing aid dispensers however not all hearing aid dispensers are Audiologists.

Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers…

They are both specialists in tackling hearing problems although none are medical professionals, they have both received extensive training and practice in their areas of expertise. Both can assess your hearing and advise you on your management options.

The differences…

Audiologists are more qualified to treat and examine complexed cases of hearing and balance disorders in comparison to a GP or a hearing aid dispenser. They can identify a wider range of etiology and work with more complexed hearing cases.

Our Audiologist are experienced, registered and insured.

  • Graduated with a BSc minimum from recognised universities
  • Gained clinical competency working in the NHS
  • Further obtained their qualification in their field by recognised institutes around the UK

Most importantly can assess, diagnose and help manage all your hearing needs.

*All HAD that are Registered with the HCPC can use RHAD next to their name.

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